The team varies from contest to contest but these are the usual suspects:

  • ZL2IO Holger - owner of the station, chief operator, chief engineer and champion tower-climber (seen here installing the side-mount for the lower of the stacked beams)
  • ZL4YL Xenia - Holger’s younger daughter, accomplished CW contester and radial-installer
  • ZL2YL Birgit and ZL2GQ Saskia - Holger’s XYL and elder daughter
  • ZL2WY Wayne, ZL2MY Mike, ZL2ST Stan, ZL2LF Peter, ZL2QM John, ZL2CC Mike, ZL3TE Wes and others join us occasionally to help out with the station and antenna work, or to operate
  • Other guest ops - Birgit and Holger’s friends and visitors have joined the fun in various contests (for details, see
  • ZL2iFB - occasional op and occasional webmaster
  • ZL2AL Lee - SK now but always with us in spirit as chief flogger and morale booster


ZM4T - the East Coast Contest Group

Hawkes Bay, North Island, New Zealand      CQ zone 32      ITU zone 60      Locator RF80LF